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Post-treatment - Year Two


Jan. 25-31, 1999 July 5-11, 1999 Sep. 13-19, 1999
Feb. 1-7, 1999 July 12-18, 1999 Sep. 30-Oct. 5, 1999
April 19-25, 1999 July 19-25, 1999 Oct. 11-17, 1999
Aug. 9-15, 1999 Oct. 18-24, 1999
Aug. 16-22, 1999

  • Jan. 25-31, 1999

    • Monday - Blood work.

    • Wednesday - All's well. All scans, tests, and poking/proding failed to find any Hodgkin's. This makes me more than a year in remission. The year with the highest probability of relapse is behind me. Yea!

      Told doctor that I was ready to get my port removed. He is more conservative that most oncologists and prefers to leave them in for first three years of remission "just in case." Discussed my rational for removal. I guesstimate the odds of relapse in the next couple of years at about 10%. Also estimate that if I do have a relapse in that time frame, that stem cell transplant would be a good possibility. In that case my port would probably not suffice. He didn't dispute my rational, so we are setting up the surgery.

      Had my last (I hope) port flush. Will be having quarterly oncologist visits and semi-annual scans for a while.

  • Feb. 1-7, 1999

    • Friday - The big day has arrived, finally time to get that port out. Checked into hospital a little before 8. It was going to be 6, but the surgery had been moved from 8 to 10 to allow the surgeon to fit in an angioplasty.

      I avoided another set of chest x-rays by bringing my most recent set (January 7). Had to have EKG and blood work. Blood work was interesting. My veins can be difficult and I let the nurse know that people usually have the best "luck" using a butterfly needle. She not only ignored my advice, but decided I was the perfect candidate for a new person to practice on. After spending a very long time trying unsuccessfully on my right arm, he decided my left hand was better. Great fun!

      Finally got into day surgery, got my spiffy gown on, and the nurse came to do my IV. You guessed it, after another eternity, she gave up and went for the expert. Again my left hand was the final recipient and the second nurse didn't have much trouble.

      Actual removal was a piece of cake. Light sedation, on the way home by 11:30 with old port in-hand. Will make a fine addition to my picture gallery when I get around to it.

  • April 19-25, 1999

    • Monday - Time for another checkup. Dropped by oncologist's office for blood work. I like to get it done before my appointment so I can have the results at my appointment. Got a call from my onc's nurse after I got back home. Doc wants chest x-rays before my appointment. I tell her I will get them the morning of my appointment.

    • Wednesday - Go by onc's office two hours early to pick up papers for x-rays. Go next door to hospital to get them done. Long wait, but I do get done in time. Went to appointment with films and preliminary report (normal) in hand. Doc says everything looks great, except for one item in my blood work, (carbon dioxide) is a little off. He says it's probably just test variation, but we draw more blood to make sure.

    • Friday - Called for my carbon dioxide results. They are normal. Yea.

  • July 5-11, 1999

    • Tuesday - Time for another set of scans. Had good news and bad news. Bad news - July 4th weekend messed up my normal scheduling. As a result the delayed Gallium scan will not be done before my doctor appointment. Good news - Gallium injection now scheduled for same day as x-ray and CT. As a result, they used a single IV for both the CT contrast and the Gallium injection. More bad news - Normal CT technician was on vacation so they were running very late and the replacement technician was NOT good at putting in IV needles! And yes, I still had to drink all the yukky stuff.

    • Thursday - Gallium scan - same old thing.

  • July 12-18, 1999

    • Monday - Went to the doctor's office to get my blood work done. More good news and bad news. Bad news - learned that doctor will not be available for my Wednesday appointment. They first wanted to reschedule me four weeks later. I talked then into a five day delay. Good news - results of delayed Gallium scan will now be available for doctor appointment. Returned home with no blood work.

    • Tuesday - Delayed Gallium scan.

    • Friday - Finally got my blood work.

  • July 19-25, 1999

    • Monday - Finally got my doctor appointment. All tests looked good and doctor said I looked the best he has ever seen me. We also talked about my low energy level and excess weight (50 lbs give or take). I decided it was time to take it off, just have to figure out how.

  • Aug. 9-15, 1999

    • Monday - Decided what to do about my weight, nutrition, and physical condition. I found a company that offers superior vitamin and weight loss programs. Started the vitamins today.

    • Wednesday - Already feeling an effect from just the vitamins. Am sleeping better and have somewhat more energy.

  • Aug. 16-22, 1999

    • Monday - Began weight loss program today. Consists of a weight loss supplement, diet, and exercise program. My boys (12 and 15) have committed to exercise with me each morning.

  • Sep. 13-19, 1999

    • Monday - weight loss program has been going pretty well. Kids continue to get up to exercise with me most mornings. Have lost 6 pounds so far. Energy continues to improve.

  • Sep. 30-Oct. 5, 1999

    • Friday - Finally couldn't stand it anymore. I decided to go ahead and become a distributor for company that makes the nutritional products I have been using. I am so happy with their products I just had to be able to make them available to others.

  • Oct. 11-17, 1999

    • Monday - Had blood work for my 1 3/4 year checkup. Got an unusually good stick this time.

    • Wednesday - Met with oncologist. He said everything looked great. Said my blood work was better then his. Confirmed that the weight loss formula was safe to take. I knew it was, but better safe than sorry.

  • Oct. 18-24, 1999

    • Sunday - Sundays are my "weigh" days. I have now lost 15 pounds since starting the weight loss program. It won't be too much longer until I get my Hodgkin's treatment fat off and I can start on the rest. Have also noticed another exercise "side-effect". Some of the exercises help build back muscles. As a result, I no longer wake up with morning back aches. Cool!

Next diary entry will not be until next doctor visit.

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