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0.  Introduction

0.0  Overview

    One of the most frustrating things about having a serious disease such as Hodgkin's is the feeling of helpless that can overwhelm you. However, you are not helpless! Knowledge is power!! Learn all you can about Hodgkin's in general and your situation specifically. Being able to be an active participant in your treatment not only improves your outlook, but it enables you to contribute to some of the most important decisions of your life.

    There are a large number of great sources of information on the web. In addition to my pages, there are some great resources referenced in my Hodgkin's Disease Links page.

    One of the best sources of information and support is the Hodgkin's Disease ListServ. Since the members of this Listserv are predominately lay people, it is especially important to consult with your medical team about information you get from this source. However, you will find that some very experienced and knowledgeable people post on this listserv.

    The purpose of the Frequently Asked Hodgkin's Questions section is twofold:

    1. To provide answers to frequently asked Hodgkin's questions.

    2. To provide assistance and guidance to members of the Hodgkin's Disease Listserv.

    If you are not a member of the Hodgkin's Listserv, I strongly recommend that you join. This is a truly wonderful source of information and support. It's really easy to join. Just send an e-mail to <listserv@solar.org> with SUBSCRIBE HODGKINS in the message body.

0.1  Contributors

    This section of Remission.org had two separate origins:

    1. A small Frequently Asked Hodgkin's Question (FAHQ) section has been a part of this site for some time.

    2. Thomas Spahni independently developed a much more complete FAHQ section to address the needs of members of the Hodgkin's Disease Listserv.

    Thomas has graciously agreed to allow the merger of his large FAHQ with the original small one. What you see are the results of that combination.

    Although some of this material was written by Thomas and myself, the bulk of it came from e-mail posts made by members of the Hodgkin's Disease Listserv. These contributors include the following:

    • H. Paul Honsinger
    • Kimbra Wilder
    • Elizabeth L. Patterson
    • Steven Saltman
    • Asher Kelman
    • Darrell Fuhriman
    • Martin Trampler
    • Paul McMullen
    • Gallus Roemer
    • James Howe
    • Krista Kamer
    • Jonathan Foster
    • Alex T.
    • Mike Barela
    • ... and some more I forgot to mention

0.2  Contributions Wanted!

    This section is still under construction. Contributions and suggestions are welcome.

    Please send any material you think might be appropriate to either Thomas or myself at

    Your contributions will be much appreciated by future visitors who are searching for answers on their Hodgkin's journey.

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