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I am a caucasian male who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease (HD) in May 1997 at the age of forty-four.

Hodgkin's was ultimately found after I went to my family doctor because I was experiencing some shortness of breath. An x-ray showed a mass in my chest (mediastinum) which was biopsied. Pathology of the biopsied tissue identified Nodular sclerosing HD. Tests indicated involvement in my chest (mediastinum), in lymph nodes under each arm, and in my spleen. This resulted in a clinical staging of IIIAS.

I was treated with eight months of chemotherapy. I received six cycles (twelve treatments) of ABVD and two cycles (four treatments) of MOPP without the Prednisone. I had a complete response and am now in remission.

I have created these pages so that you can find information about my disease and about Hodgkin's disease in general. I hope you find them useful.

This site has the following sections:

Search Tools to search for Hodgkin's information.
Introduction Meet me and get a brief summary of my experience with Hodgkin's Disease.
Patient Do's Things Hodgkin's Disease patients should do. This is an especially important section for new patients.
Answers Answers to Frequently Asked Hodgkin's Questions
Pictures Pictures related to my treatment. Come see my Hodgkin's Disease cells!
Diary A detailed diary about my Hodgkin's Disease experience
Blood Counts General information about blood counts and charts of my counts during treatment
Treatment Costs Information about the costs and insurance coverage of my treatment
ABVD Information Information about ABVD, a widely used chemotherapy treatment for Hodgkin's Disease
Famous Quotations Historical quotations that I think apply to the Hodgkin's Disease experience
Hodgkin's Links Links to other Hodgkin's Disease related sites
Guestbook Please make an entry in my guest book! It'd like to hear about you and what you think about this site!!
Mail Me. Send me an email.

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